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Happy, Healthy Snacking

Premium popcorn made with XL kernels and buttery cultured oil.

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"Not even movie theatre popcorn can come close to Pop Zero. The kernels are bigger than what you would expect from bagged popcorn, and they’re packed with flavor." - VegNews

"Movie nights are big right now as we're all huddled at home. Gluten-free and non-GMO, Pop Zero has some fun flavors (and super cute packaging) like Simply Cinema (classic), Cinnamon Toast, Sea Salt and Chili Lime." - BRIT+CO

"I can’t stand going to the movies, but do love theater popcorn. Thankfully, Pop Zero made the impossible possible by creating a version that rivals the original with none of the guilt. Extra large kernels ensure a texture that’s equal parts fluffy and crunchy." - Forbes

"Pop Zero uses 3 core ingredients to make a popcorn that's not just healthy, but full of flavor" - VEGWORLD

"Popcorn is already a snack full of fiber, but it's relatively low in another nutrient healthy eaters are often trying to get more of: protein. Pop Zero Popcorn is upping the nutritional ante by adding pea protein to their recipe." - WELL+GOOD

Crave-Busting Popcorn Bursting with Flavor

Conquer The Craving

Don't let between-meal cravings derail your health goals. Choose better-for-you, protein-fortified popcorn that satisfies.

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The popcorn is very fluffy and very light. I will definitely buy again.

Lauren Dallas

Be forewarned that it is difficult to not consume the whole bag in one sitting.

Riley New York

To find a treat for me like this that's actually healthy and good for me was phenomenal! It was a win-win in every sense of the word.

Melodie San Luis Obispo

can't choose a flavor? try them all!

can't choose a flavor? try them all!

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