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Meet Your New Favorite Healthy Snack.

Simple Ingredients. Great Taste. Zero Compromise.

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"Not even movie theatre popcorn (with vegan butter, of course) can come close to Pop Zero. The kernels are bigger than what you would expect from bagged popcorn, and they’re packed with flavor."

"Movie nights are big right now as we're all huddled at home. Gluten-free and non-GMO, Pop Zero has some fun flavors (and super cute packaging) like Simply Cinema (classic), Cinnamon Toast, Sea Salt and Chili Lime."

"I can’t stand going to the movies, but do love theater popcorn. Thankfully, Pop Zero made the impossible possible by creating a version that rivals the original with none of the guilt. Extra large kernels ensure a texture that’s equal parts fluffy and crunchy."

"Pop Zero uses 3 core ingredients to make a popcorn that's not just healthy, but full of flavor"

Popcorn is already a snack full of fiber, but it's relatively low in another nutrient healthy eaters are often trying to get more of: protein. Pop Zero Popcorn is upping the nutritional ante by adding pea protein to their recipe.

Snacking Made Simple.

Pop Zero Popcorn is a deliciously simple snack made with high-quality, clean ingredients. We’re on a mission to make snacking simple by creating a better-for-you popcorn that satisfies your mid-day cravings. 

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For a plant based popcorn, it tastes a lot like real popcorn. The sea salt on the popcorn is just the right amount. The popcorn is very fluffy and very light. I will definitely buy again.

Lauren Dallas

I really liked the taste of this popcorn and immediately ordered some for friends and family. The fact that it is a healthy snack makes it even better. Be forewarned that it is difficult to not consume the whole bag in one sitting.

Riley New York

can't choose a flavor? try them all!

can't choose a flavor? try them all!

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