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Algal Flour FAQ

Food intolerances often take a long time to develop and appear. Some people eat algal flour several times before ever experiencing a negative reaction.

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Algal flour is a relatively new ingredient, so it's likely that your first interaction with algal flour was eating Pop Zero popcorn.

We have distributed over 900,000 bags to date, and fifty-three people have reported getting sick. Assuming that we are only hearing about 1 in 100 cases, algal flour sensitivity is still less common than reactions to common allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat, etc.

About 65 percent of the human population struggles to digest dairy. Pop Zero is the only dairy-free popcorn that provides a buttery flavor without dairy products. Our dairy-free customers are among the most enthusiastic fans of Pop Zero, and it’s very important to us that we provide them a viable alternative to buttered popcorn.

Algal flour also enhances the health profile of our products, adding protein and healthy fats with zero saturated or trans fat.

Like other food sensitivities, the best way to avoid a negative reaction is to eliminate products containing algal flour from your diet.

Sea Salt does not use any algal flour and will not trigger a reaction for someone with an algal flour intolerance.

Simply Cinema, Chili-Lime, and Cinnamon Toast all use algal flour.

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