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What does the "zero" in Pop Zero stand for?

We’re called Pop Zero because we have ZERO gluten, saturated fats, dairy, artificial flavors, GMO corn, soy, animal products, or peanuts/tree nuts. *WHEW*

Is there seriously no butter added?

Seriously. So say goodbye to greasy fingers, and say hello to less than 155 calories (and all the flavor that comes with it).

Our Ingredients

Larger, Fluffier Kernels

Our "mushroom" shaped kernels are fluffier, crunchier and more crumble resistant than the butterfly kernels other brands use. The larger surface area also holds onto flavor really well and provides added volume.

Nutritional Yeast

In addition to giving the delicious, buttery flavor in our Cinema popcorn, and adding cheesiness to our White Cheddar flavor, nutritional yeast packs a punch when it comes to vitamins, nutrients and fiber.

Pea Protein

Contains all 9 essential amino acids that your body cannot create and must get from food. Great source of branched-chain amino acids, which promote healthy blood flow, heart health and muscle growth.



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