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Galentine’s Party Guide: Impressive Ideas, Hot Hostess Tips, & 12 Gluten-Free Recipes to Shower Ladies Night with Love

Let's talk about Galentine’s Day.


Move over, boys!

It’s ladies night.

You and your gals are in for a special treat on February 13th... 

a day specifically devoted to celebrating your bestest friends.

When thinking of what foods are the life of the party-

Gluten-free treats may be the last thing that comes to mind,

maybe they seem a little…


No more!

On top of these winning party tricks,

we’ve got 12 killer recipes that will make your heart swoon and sing.

Let’s whip up a Valentine’s Day party to remember!

Table of Contents:

BFF Love Is In the Air. No, But Really, What Is Galentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas: Pick a Fabulous, To-Die-For Theme

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Ladies Night: 6 Crucial Host Tips

12 Galentine’s Day Gluten-Free Treats Everyone Will Swoon Over

BFF Love Is In the Air. No, But Really, But What Is Galentine’s Day?

Even though you won’t find Galentine’s Day as an official holiday in your iCal, 

it doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating.

But where the heck did it come from anyway?

Take a quick trip back to 2010 and pull up the “Galentine’s Day” episode of Parks and Rec season 2.

Yep, it all comes back to the greatest friend in the tvsphere: 

Leslie Knope!

“Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast style, “ Leslie says. 

Now, girlfriend groups everywhere mark it as one of the most important days of the year.

I mean, as if we needed an excuse to celebrate our favorite people!

To top it off, there’s no wrong way to do Gal’s Day–

Single or not, you can shower your ladies with love through Leslie’s bestie brunch idea or even a simple movie night.

And with the below Galentine’s Day ideas?

The possibilities are endless. 

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas: Pick a Fabulous, To-Die-For Theme

Step one to planning the ultimate Galentine’s Day party:

Pick a theme!

Karaoke Party

It’s time to belt out some tunes with your besties by your side. 

All you need is a karaoke machine,

(and maybe a sip of liquid courage!)

Use this Galentine’s Day karaoke playlist!

Nail-Painting Party

What better way to treat your girls than with a spa day? 

Get pampered up with a nail-painting party and some facemask fun. 

You can even put a movie on in the background!


There’s nothing like a little friendly competition. 


The end result of a cook-off is more delicious food than you know what to do with. 

Yes, please! 

You can swap recipes and have a little prize for the highest voted on dish. 

Movie Night

If you’re going for a movie night,

you need those classic choices like Mean Girls and Sex and the City.

Get the popcorn, sodas, and ice cream ready!

Dim the lights...

and get cozy under the blankets for Gal’s Night!

Bachelor Binge 

You and your friends obsessed with the Bachelor?

Make a party around a Bachelor binge!

Of course, you can also load up on a Parks and Rec marathon in a true Galentine’s tribute. 

Puppy Date

So much puppy love to go around!

Make it a girls night with the doggos-

have everyone bring their pups to play, too.

Dog moms unite!

Beach Day

Weather-permitting (and COVID rules-permitting),

head to a less crowded part of the beach to soak up the sun and ride the waves with your friends.

Don’t forget the beach snacks! 

Wine Swap 

A little vino goes a long way.

Host a wine swap and turn it into a wine-tasting soiree.

Everyone brings their favorite bottle (or two),

then sip, sip away! 

Pool Party

Live in a warmer climate? Pool parties are still a fab option! Have everyone bring their best pool supplies like floaties, sunhats, and sparkling drinks. 

Snow Party

Pool party not an option?

It can be an outdoor snow adventure!

Grab your gear and head into the winter wonderland to sled and play in the snow.

Have hot chocolate (spiked if you wish!) waiting when you get back inside! 

Planter Party

Spring is on the way!

Get ahead of the game by DIYing some cute planters you can decorate your home with.

Succulents to get you through the rest of the winter months!

Dinner & a Movie

Take it back to a traditional date night...

girl’s style!

It's as easy as whipping up an elegant dinner and watching a movie.

Here are some great gluten-free recipe options!

Sip and Paint

Wine and paint night is a good night!

Grab some painting supplies and a bottle of wine to share.

Compare paintings and have a laugh!

Sip and Dip 

Still sip, just with more dip! Make it all about the food and wine with recipes like:

Pizza & Game Night

Buy (or bake!) some heart-shaped gluten-free pizzas,

then finish the night off with some fun games like these!

Breakfast Bash

Go full-on Leslie Knope with gluten-free waffles and bubbly!

And it doesn’t even have to be brunch time.

Breakfast for dinner is soooooo in! 

Fondue Night

You can’t have a Valentine’s Day party without these:

chocolate-covered strawberries!

Take your chocolate and cheese vibes to the next level with a fondue blowout.

There’s something about dipping your food in the smooth and creamy goodness that makes it taste




Taco Bar

A taco Galentine’s Day!

If you’re short on time, a buffet-style party is the way to go-

and everyone loves tacos!

You could also do an ice cream sundae bar, cocktail bar, or dare I say...

a nail polish bar?

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Ladies Night: 6 Crucial Host Tips

You want to treat your friends like absolute queens…

Get on these Galentine’s Day host tips!

1. Get the Cocktail Recipes Ready

Whether you and your ladies are in for cocktails or mocktails, it’s always good to have drinks on hand–

Especially Valentine’s Day-themed beverages!

Anything red, pink, creme, or white is the way to go. 

Here are some ideas!

2. Whip Up Some Charcuterie Board Ideas

Cheese can be self-care!

Cause there’s nothing quite as relaxing as organizing a giant charcuterie board for your best buds to munch on. 

Plus, these Instagram-worthy plates can make up your entire appetizer spread in one go.

Functional and freaking delicious–

A must-have for any Galentine’s party!

Take a peek at these charcuterie board ideas!

3. Take All the Polaroids

Yeah, taking pics on your phone is cool.

But using a polaroid?

Way cooler.

You can turn a corner of your house into a photo booth and throw in some Vday props. 

Everyone can take home their favorite memory! 

4. Prepare Personalized Goodie Bags

If your love language is gift-giving, 

then let it shine through with personalized goodie bags!

Purchase some cute, Valentine’s Day-themed bags and fill them with some of your friends’ favorite things.

Make sure to add something unique for each friend–

So they know it’s special just for them! <3

Having your party over zoom? 

Just mail it to them ahead of time and watch their faces light up through the screen!

5. Invest in Decor

Parties are supposed to be exciting.

And what better way to make it fun and festive than with some decor?

Get some Valentine’s Day-themed balloons, streamers, and twinkle lights! 

You can even place the balloons in front of a fan so they can wander around your zoom screen in the background. 

6. Do a Secret Cupid Swap

Think secret Santa–

Just with a Galentine’s Day twist!

Draw names (or assign people yourself) some time before the party, so everyone gets a chance to buy their secret cupid a gift. 

Hand out presents like it’s Christmas all over again!

12 Galentine’s Day Gluten-Free Treats Everyone Will Swoon Over

Let’s be real.

Galentine’s Day wouldn’t be what it is without the food.

You and your besties gotta be able to stuff your face with not-so-healthy treats. 

And if you’re gluten-free?

Well, typically, this would be a problem for you, as most comfort foods are loaded with wheat. 

Not today!

These 12 Galentine’s Day gluten-free treats will still let you partake in all the fun. 

1. Valentine’s Day Cake Pops





Filled with rich chocolate flavor that will leave you begging for more?

Double check.

Oh, and did I mention they’re the cutest little Valentine’s Day bites?

For some reason, I always thought making cake pops would take hours and hours of slaving away in the kitchen.

But when I found this recipe–

Oh boy, was I wrong. 

So easy. So good.

2. Gluten-Free Valentine’s Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is all about telling the people in your life you love them.

And what screams I love you more than a celebratory dessert?

Hello, cupcakes!

It’s a silent rule you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without 50lbs of chocolate. 

So don’t worry–

These cupcakes are uber chocolatey, with all the strawberry sweetness you can imagine. 

Gluten-Free Chocolate Dipped Pretzels from Amanda of Eat at Our Table

3. Chocolate Dipped Pretzels


More chocolate. 

You can find regular chocolate-covered pretzels at most grocery stores. 

But when you need gluten-free?

It’s like trying to find a needle in a giant haystack of gluten aisles.

These gluten-free, chocolate dipped pretzels will totally satisfy any sweet-salty craving.

Plus, the whole bowl will be gone by the end of the night–

Guarantee it. 

4. Gluten-Free Conversation Heart Cookies

These cookies are more than just conversation-starters.

They’re too good to be true and so stinkin’ cute. 


We all know regular sugar cookies can taste a little bland–

Especially if they’re gluten-free.

But these heart cookies are from a whole other dimension of goodness.

Try and see!

5. Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

What the cake is red velvet?

It’s basically chocolate cake with red food coloring–

Which means it’s a double whammy for Valentine’s Day-themed food.

Chocolate AND the color red combined into one delicious dessert.

Plus, this recipe includes chocolate chips. 

So yes, chocolate on chocolate. 

A Galentine’s Day hostess’s dream come true. 

6. Valentine Chex Mix

Like puppy chow?

You’ll love this.

It’s a magical gluten-free chex mix combo of peanut butter, Valentine’s Day m&ms, powdered sugar, pink and red sprinkles, butter, and white vanilla baking chips. 

Uhm, yum!

You’ve been warned:

It’ll take you less than 10 minutes to eat the whole bowl.

7. Gluten-Free Pina Colada Vday Cupcakes

Tropical cupcakes for a winter Galentine’s Day?

You betcha!

If you’re going for a more summer theme–

Or even a cocktail theme!

These gluten-free pina colada cupcakes are for you.

Just mix, bake, frost, top with a cherry, and voila!

Relaxation is served. 

8. Gluten-Free Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

Something about molten chocolate lava cake just screams love. 

Perfect for a Valentine’s Day party!

These lava cakes are incredibly easy–

Just make sure you triple the recipe, depending on how many of your gals are coming. 

And remember, the less time you leave them in the oven, the more “lava” will be in the middle!

9. Gluten-Free Mozzarella Bites

Okay, I couldn’t just give you a list of sweet treats without some savory bites, too.

It’s a party after all!

And in true Galentiney’s Day style, you gotta load up on some ultra-comfort fried food.

Like these gluten-free mozzarella bites!

They only take 10 minutes of cook time.

Nope, I’m not kidding!

10. Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets aren’t just for kids.

I mean, think about it.

The best parties are when you have your favorite people AND food in the same room.

And who doesn’t love a giant plate of chicken nuggets?

These babies are gluten-free–

And super easy to whip up in 30 minutes.

11. Gluten-Free Garlic Pizza Breadsticks

Wow, just wow. 

When I went gluten-free, I accepted my fate:

No more delicious food ever again.

Little did I know…

Gluten-free food can be just as good, maybe even better, than regular ‘ole bready snacks.

And these garlic pizza breadsticks?

Picture thick, crispy crust smothered in cheese.

Hands down incredible.

12. Baked Zucchini Fries

The worst thing ever?

Stuffing your face with yummy food and feeling guilty for it.

There can’t be any of that on Galentine’s Day!


These baked zucchini fries.

A low-carb, healthier alternative to french fries. 

Ultra-cheesy and unbelievably flavorful.

Win the Galentine’s Day “Host of the Year” Award: You Totally Got This!

Galentine’s Day is a super special time for you and your friends–

It’s got to be a good one!

But with the above tips, your Vday party will be a smashing success.

Time to show your ladies some love!


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