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22 Female-Owned Gluten-Free Companies (Get on Their Delish Products for the Holidays!)

Female empowerment doesn’t just apply to basic human rights–

It also applies to entrepreneurial success.  

More and more women are paving their way through male-dominated terrain, creating wildly profitable businesses and bringing attention to other social problems in the process-

We’ve come so far! 

But, there’s still work to be done.

So buckle up! 

Here’s the 411 on females in the food industry. 

Table of Contents:

Important Support: Why Highlight Women-Owned Businesses?

Supporting women isn’t a one-and-done deal.

It’s a year-round process.

Thankfully, there are so many ways to advocate for women business owners, and most of them require little to no effort.

That’s right. 

They might be small steps, like purchasing a product. 

But over time, they can add up to huge results. 

(Ahhhh, the power of community!) 

But back to the topic at hand:

What’s it like for females in the business of food?

Well, everyone knows the history of women in the kitchen:

Grocery shopping and home cooking are still seen as our responsibility for the most part, but when it comes to owning & operating food-based businesses, there’s still underrepresentation. 

To ensure female chefs, founders, CEOs, and health experts don’t lose their place in society, it’s important to show support when you can. 

Plus, when you’re a giant foodie like me, it’s almost too easy! 

You’re already looking for food brands & cool restaurants as it is, so why not take an extra 2 minutes to make sure it’s female-owned?

Totally Tasty Alert! 11 Female-Founded Gluten-Free Brands

Wondering how to support more female food founders now?


I’ve curated an amazing list of women-owned business owners who deserve your attention. 

The next time you go grocery shopping (or online snack shopping– let’s be real. Times are changing!), keep your peepers out for these brand names. 

Oh, wait, you’re gluten-free?

No worries! 

All of the below brands are female-owned AND gluten-free-based. 


1. Caulipower Pizza

Caulipower's Margherita Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower crust first rose to fame through Pinterest boards and is now a staple in gluten-free households everywhere. 

But what’s special about Caulipower Pizza?

Its founder, Gail Becker, is basically a modern-day superwoman.  

As a mom of two sons with celiac disease, she quickly grew frustrated with the lack of gluten-free options. After her father passed, she followed in his entrepreneurial footsteps by leaving her job and starting Caulipower.


A gluten-free pizza crust that doesn’t taste like cardboard.  

Some of the yum


Buy a 4-pack of frozen cauliflower pizza crusts for $48.99 here.

2. GoMacro Bars

GoMacro Bars’ founders, Amelia and Jola, are a mother-daughter duo committed to creating wholesome, nutritional bars.

After Amelia was diagnosed with breast cancer, they realized a massive gap in the market:

Where were all the delicious, nutrient-dense, and plant-based snack bars? 

So in 2004, GoMacro Bars were born.  

Hello, balanced lifestyle! 

Some of the yum


Buy 12 peanut butter chocolate chip protein bars for $24 here.

3. GleeGum

Incredible story alert! 

When Deborah Schimberg traveled to Northern Guatemala in 1992, she learned about chicle, the sap of sapodilla trees. Chicle was the primary ingredient in gum before synthetic resins came about in the 1940s and 50s. 

She also learned that the harvest of chicle is sustainable.

And benefits both the rainforests of Central America and its surrounding communities! 

So when Deborah came back to the states, she committed to figuring out the perfect gum recipe using chicle. 

And voila! 

Glee gum came about– a sustainable, non-synthetic gum. (That’s also an independent, certified women-owned business.) 

Some of the yum


Buy one pack (75 pieces) of sugar-free peppermint gum for $5.98 here

4. Milo’s Ice Tea

In 1946, Milo and Bea Carlton started selling a tasty tea at their restaurant. 

In 1989, they started selling this tea at local grocery stores 

And today, you can find Milo’s Tea scattered throughout thousands of retailers around the U.S. 

The couple’s granddaughter, Tricia Wallwork, is the company’s current CEO and is devoted to selling their beverages without artificial colors or preservatives.

Yes, please! 

Some of the yum


Use the store locator to find products and prices near you.

5. Me & the Bees Lemonade

I don’t know about you, but I definitely wasn’t starting a business at 11 years old.

Mikaila Ulmer, on the other hand, signed a deal with Whole Foods to sell her lemonade at just 11. 

You can find her lemonade online or in stores nationwide. 

Some of the yum


Buy a pack of 12 (12oz each) of lemonade with prickly pear for $47.79 here

6. My Brother’s Salsa

My Brother's Salsa's Hatch Green Chile 

She fiddled with her brother's salsa for years before creating the best salsa recipe ever:

Helen Lampkin then created her food brand– My Brother’s Salsa.

Fitting much?

And incredibly yummy! 

Some of the yum


Buy a variety 3-pack for $26.99 here

7. Dutch Gold Honey

Around 75 years ago in Lancaster, PA, Luella and Ralph Gambler launched Dutch Gold honey. 

Today, their granddaughter, Nancy Gambler Olcott, owns the company, which has morphed into the largest family-owned honey brand in the United States.

And not only do they sell honey-- 

But they also sell maple syrup! 


Some of the yum


Buy one 16oz bottle of alfalfa honey for $14.99 here

8. Purely Elizabeth Granola

If you haven’t tried Purely Elizabeth Granola yet, you’re missing out! 

And if you have, you can thank Elizabeth Stein for getting her start selling muffin and pancakes mixes at a triathlon in Westchester in 2009.

Because by 2013, her business grew tremendously with a Whole Foods deal.

Did I mention it has a fantastic combo of healthy ingredients like oats, sunflower seeds, quinoa, and chia seeds?

Oh, and is certified gluten-free!

Some of the yum


Buy one 12oz bag of original granola for $5.42 here

9. Nuttzo Organic Power Fuel 

Nut butter lover?

Then you definitely need to check out Nuttzo Organic Power Fuel. It’s a filling mix of nuts, seeds, and salt– 

No added oils are sugars!

To top it off, the founder is a woman with a life-changing story.

When Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi adopted her two sons internationally, they were extremely nutrient deficient. So she took to the kitchen to find the best possible protein source and boom!

Nutzzo butters appeared in 2008. 

Some of the yum


Buy one 26oz bottle of crunchy power fuel for $24 here

10. Siete Foods 

Siete Foods Cassava & Coconut Tortillas

Co-founder and president of Siete Foods, Veronica Garza, was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions as a teenager. 

But with the support of her family, she was able to get better by removing gluten from her diet. 

The only issue?

As a Mexican-American from South Texas, the tacos she used to love on a flour tortilla just didn’t taste the same, so she played around with grain-free tortillas.

Soon enough, Siete Foods came to life– 

“Siete” for the seven members of her family. 

Some of the yum


Buy two 5oz bags of sea salt grain-free chips for $14.55 here

11. Simple Mills

Katlin Smith dealt with medical issues soon after graduating from college. 

Once she cut out processed foods, things got better. 

But she couldn’t help but notice that the so-called “clean foods” in the natural food sections of the grocery store were still full of additives. 

On a mission to revolutionize healthy foods, she founded Simple Mills in 2012 with a primary focus on gluten-free, almond flour-based products. 

Now, her brand has distribution in over 20,000 natural and mainstream stores nationwide.

P.S. You MUST try the crunch almond flour chocolate chip cookies!  

Some of the yum


Buy 3 boxes of crunchy chocolate chip cookies for $13.38 here

11 Women Gluten-Free Foodies Who Bring the Goods

So I’ve covered women-owned, gluten-free companies based on products and merchandise.

But what about one-woman-shows, like recipe developers and nutritionists? 

Read on, my friend.

Here are 11 women who totally kick butt in the gluten-free business arena. 

1. Danielle Walker

Danielle Walker was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease, at 22. 

After years of hardship and hospitalizations, she took matters into her own hands by changing up her diet– big time.

Fast forward to now--

She’s a renowned, self-trained chef with a passion for sharing healthy, gluten-free recipes with others. 

You can check out her blog and New York Times best-seller book, Against all Grain.

So. Many. Yummy. Recipes.  

2. Tessa Fisher

Going gluten-free on a whim?

Tessa Fisher can relate.

After talking with some friends in hopes of curing her chronic migraines, Tessa converted gluten-free and saw pretty miraculous results. 

Thankfully for your tummy, she also loves to cook and bake, which is where her blog Salted Plains comes in to save the day.

She posts incredible gluten-free recipes sans refined sugar on the reg.

Her latest recipe, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Snickerdoodles (Vegan) are to-die-for!  

3. Carrie Vitt

Struggle with chronic disease?

I bet Carrie Vitt can help.

With all-natural foods, she helped her family reverse issues like Hashimoto’s disease, chronic migraines, IBS, severe asthma, and eczema. 

Yep, she did that. 

As of now, you can view all of her amazing advice and recipes on her blog, Deliciously Organic.

Or, if you’re just getting started with gluten-free eating, grab one of her cookbooks, The Grain-Free Family Table.   

4. Erika Lenkert 

Food critic? Cookbook author? Travel journalist?

Erika Lenkert has done it all. 

However, in 2001, she had to stop eating gluten, and ever since then, has been super passionate about helping others go gluten-free without sacrificing quality, health, or flavor. 

This is exactly why she started GFF Magazine, an online platform dedicated to providing hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of gourmet gluten-free meals. 

Time to live the gluten-free good life, am I right? 

5. Cassy Joy Garcia

Cassy Joy Garcia with her team from Fed and Fit

Cassy Joy Garcia is the founder, editor-in-chief, and nutrition consultant at Fed and Fit, but she’s also a mom with experience with debilitating inflammation. 

At just 24, she would wake up every morning with anxiety, brain fog, joint pain, and fatigue, and couldn’t figure out what she was doing wrong.

...until she started an anti-inflammatory, grain-free, and dairy-free diet. 

Then, her health turned around! 

Be sure to check out her first book Fed and Fit, or if you’re a sucker for a good meal plan, purchase Cook Once, Eat All Week.

6. Teri Turner

Imagine if you had access to a “kitchen goddess”?

Well, you do, thanks to Teri Turner! 

She uploads hundreds of recipes to her blog, No Crumbs Left

Most of her recipes are healthy and gluten-free– perfect for those wanting to get out of that same old meal rut. 

Teri’s slogan:

Food + Love = Healing

7. Rachel Mansfield

A bad day turned into a wildly successful brand:

That’s Rachel Mansfield! 

After losing her job over 4 years ago, she directed focus on her blog, and eventually a cookbook:

Just the Good Stuff

A brand specifically devoted to minimal ingredients, little prep work, and basic cooking skills, she seriously wants us to fuel our bodies with simple foods that taste good. 

Although she’s not gluten-free all the way, she does have a myriad of yummy gluten-free recipes to choose from. 

“Food for all,” she says! 

8. Becky Excell

When you go gluten-free, the first few months are full of “ugh, gluten is in this, too???”

Becky had this exact problem after she was diagnosed with IBS in 2009, until she got *really* good at gluten-free cooking, and then started blogging recipes to share with her family so they could cook for her, too. 

Eventually, her little blog grew to over 250,000 followers. 

Um, woah! 

She’s also the author of How to Make Anything Gluten-Free.

Find her on Instagram and Youtube

9. Alanna Taylor-Tobin

After being laid off in 2009, Alanna started The Bojon Gourmet

“Bojon” meaning “no job,” but backward.

Ha– gotta love the cleverness! 

Alanna is a former pastry chef turned food photographer and award-winning cookbook author.

By the way, you definitely want to check her book:

The Alternative Baker: Reinventing Dessert with Gluten-Free Grains and Flours

To top it off, Alanna is also a regular contributor to the GFF Magazine! 

10. EA Stewart

Trying to fix an autoimmune problem or other health condition?

Meet EA Stewart, the Spicy RD! 

EA has an incredible professional background as a registered dietitian, health coach, digestive health expert, and gluten-free recipe developer. 

(Try saying all that 10 times fast.)

Not only can you work with her as a nutrition client, but you can also find a massive amount of go-to gluten-free recipes on her blog

Doesn't the gluten-free breakfast casserole and cauliflower gnocchi with crispy kale sound amazing?

11. Jenny Levine Finke

Jenny Levine Finke of Good for You Gluten-Free

A celiac disease diagnosis in 2009 led Jenny down the healthy life. 

She whipped up the Good for You Gluten-Free blog and became a certified health and wellness coach, devoting herself to celiac and gluten sensitivity communities everywhere! 

But let me just obsess over Jenny’s wit for a sec. 

Her cookbook title, Dear Gluten, It’s Not Me, It’s You, says it all– 

Not to mention her “Dear Gluten, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” shirt. 

She’s a legit gluten-free expert with so much to share! 

Other (Free) Ways to Show Up for Women Business Owners

Guess what?

Showing up for other female entrepreneurs doesn’t just have to involve purchasing their products! 

If you’re looking for other ways to support gender equality, you can:

  • Follow their blogs/social media
  • Like & share their posts
  • Purchase their products for friends/as a gift
  • Buy gift cards or certificates
  • Keep them in mind for the future

Supporting the Female Cause: It’s Easy Peasy!

There are so many ways to boost female empowerment, and thanks to the internet--

It’s easier than ever. 

Shop their products, share their social media posts, or just keep them in mind. 

Either way, use this list as a guide whenever you need to look up delicious gluten-free goods or recipes! 

These ladies have you covered.


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