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Gluten-Free Anti-Inflammatory Foods: No-Stress Guide on What to Eat & Avoid (Plus 12 Mouth-Watering Recipes!)

It’s not just about cutting out processed foods.

An anti-inflammation diet is about empowering yourself with real, whole foods–

The ones that make you feel totally transformed from the inside out. 

It’s about feeling freaking good again!


What goes into the best anti-inflammatory diet? 

What anti-inflammatory foods should you eat?

Stick around for all you need to know! 

Table of Contents:

What’s Inflammation? And Should You Diet Yours Away?

The Best Anti-Inflammatory Diet: 11 Dos and Don'ts to Live By

Game-Changer Foods: 12 Gluten-Free Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

What’s Inflammation? And Should You Diet Yours Away?

What’s the deal with inflammation anyway?

Well, your body has a natural inflammation response to defend itself from harm, like diseases.

However, some people experience an influx of inflammation that likes to stick around–

Particularly if you have an autoimmune disorder like IBS or arthritis.

Top 5 Signs Of Inflammation:

  • Redness
  • Heat
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Loss of function

But it doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever!

Since lifestyle factors play a huge role in inflammation (such as overeating high amounts of sugar and refined carbs)–

Many people see a benefit from the anti-inflammatory diet,

A lifestyle based on eating fewer of those inflammatory, processed foods, and more antioxidant-rich, whole foods. 

Keep in mind– 

This diet isn’t to be confused with weight loss. 

It’s more of a lifestyle that’s solely devoted to reducing your inflammation levels.

The good news?

You’re already ahead of the game by being gluten-free!

Gluten is thought to trigger more inflammatory responses in some people–

Especially if you have celiac. 

The Best Anti-Inflammatory Diet: 11 Dos & Don’ts to Live By

Ready to lower those inflammation levels?

Yeah, you are!

It’s time to feel amazing from the inside out. 

Here are the top 12 do’s and don'ts for your gluten-free, anti-inflammatory diet!


1. Ditch the Dairy

Dairy has definitely been caught in a controversy crossfire as of late.

But why?

Some studies show an increase in inflammatory markers after consuming dairy.

Keyword here:


This is because everyone responds differently to inflammation triggers.

Our bodies are so complex and unique–

What affects one person, might not another.

So as you venture on your anti-inflammatory lifestyle, pay more attention to how you’re feeling after you eat something, rather than what you think you’re supposed to feel. 

Ditch the dairy, then pay attention!

If you notice some inflammation...

it’s best to cut down on the cheese dips and chocolate milkshakes.

2. Add More Anti-Inflammatory Foods

The best part about an anti-inflammatory diet?

It’s full of so many delicious, whole foods.

Whole foods are unrefined and unprocessed plant-based goods. 

Here’s what you can eat:

  • Vegetables: kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.
  • Fruits: raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, and especially deeply colored fruits like blueberries and cherries
  • High-fat fruits: olives and avocados
  • Healthy fats: olive oil, coconut oil
  • Fatty fish: salmon, herring, sardines, anchovies, mackerel
  • Organic poultry: chicken, turkey, etc.
  • Nuts & seeds: almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds
  • Dark chocolate
  • Tea: green tea

    When in doubt, always go for whole foods.

    3. Use the Right Herbs & Spices

    The power of healing food really shines through when you add the right herbs and spices to your diet.

    For instance, turmeric is an ancient medicinal spice used to treat infections, colds, and more.

    Today, we know why. 

    A compound in turmeric, curcumin, has incredible anti-inflammatory effects.  

    Ginger also makes it on the list with its ability to treat stomach upset and headaches–

    Not to mention cinnamon:

    Everyone’s favorite baked good spice has loads of antioxidants! 

    Other anti-inflammatory herbs & spices: 

    Herbs and spices are also oh-so-simple to add to basically any meal!

    4. Stay Hydrated

    Our bodies are made of up to 60% water!

    Say wwhhaatttttt!

    So it makes total sense that staying hydrated is a vital part of wellness.

    Drinking adequate amounts of water helps flush out toxins, carry nutrients to cells, and prevent constipation.

    Make sure to keep up with your H2O! 

    5. Manage Your Stress

    Feeling stressed out?

    It’s highly likely your inflammation levels are on the rise, too.

    Chronic stress can over-activate your immune system

    Which leads to that nasty imbalance of inflammation.

    The top two ways to manage your stress?

    Focus on what you can control and use more positive self-talk.

    This way you spend more time improving things in your life, rather than obsessing over how wrong everything is. 

    And when you use more self-compassion?

    You’re less likely to beat yourself up for stressing so much and actually focus on consistent self-care. 

    Other ways to manage your stress:

    6. Balance Your Blood Sugar

    Take a seat for this super simple science lesson:

    Let’s say you eat 5 slices of white bread.

    Your pancreas releases insulin right away, to compensate for the influx of sugar. 

    (blood sugar spike)

    And then... oh wait!

    It realizes it pumped too much out, so it quickly shuts off the supply.

    (blood sugar drop)

    This roller coaster of highs and lows places a lot of stress on your body, causing-- yep!


    To balance your blood sugar better, eat lots of protein, fiber, and healthy fats with each meal–

    You’ll feel more full & satisfied. 

    And, have better digestion!

    7. Include More Organic Food

    Organic food isn’t the end-all-be-all to an anti-inflammatory diet.

    However, it can help to reduce your chemical intake. 

    I know organic food can be expensive, though!

    So rather than focusing on all organic food, use the dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists.

    The dirty dozen is a list of fruits and vegetables that are high in chemicals.

    And the clean fifteen are fruits and veggies that you don’t necessarily need to buy organic. 

    Find the lists here

    8. Increase Omega 3 Fatty Acids

    Studies show omega 3 fatty acids reduce the molecules and substances correlated with high inflammation

    Okay, so where do you find them?

    • Salmon
    • Mackerel
    • Cod liver oil
    • Herring
    • Oysters
    • Sardines
    • Anchovies
    • Caviar
    • Flax seeds
    • Chia seeds
    • Walnuts
    • Soybean

    Thankfully, fish is easy!

    And you can add flax and chia seeds to just about any breakfast, like the recipes below!


    9. Go For Fried, Processed Foods

    I’m talkin’ deep-fried french fries, 

    processed meats, 

    packaged cakes, 

    and basically anything else that has artificial trans fats.

    These fats are known to be the unhealthiest on the planet,

    Linked to high inflammation, cholesterol, and risk of heart disease.

    No thanks!

    For reference, artificial trans fats are usually listed as partially hydrogenated oils in ingredient lists. 

    Instead, go for all of those whole foods mentioned earlier! 

    10. Eat Lots of Refined Sugar

    Sodas, sweet teas, and desserts may taste good–

    But they could be doing a hefty number on your inflammation!

    Studies show a diet high in added sugar contributes to even higher inflammatory markers.

    And it makes sense! 

    If you remember the connection between blood sugar and increased inflammation.

    When your body struggles to offset the amount of sugar you’re consuming, there are negative results, like fatigue and risk of diabetes.  

    11. Drink A Lot of Alcohol

    Don’t be fooled!

    Moderate amounts of alcohol (2 drinks per day for men and one/day for women) can actually be good for you.

    But according to some studies, the more you drink, the more your inflammation rises.

    Everything in balance! 

    Game-Changer Foods: 12 Gluten-Free Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

    Wow, okay, since there are quite a few rules that go along with an anti-inflammatory diet, how do you know what to eat?

    Keep in mind everybody is different.

    Some foods might work perfectly for other people, whereas for you, they still cause inflammation. 

    But here’s a great recipe list to start experimenting!

    1. Ginger & Turmeric Carrot Soup

    You know what just feels like the ultimate healing food?


    But I know the struggle:

    You don’t want your healthy, anti-inflammatory food to have totally tasteless flavors.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that here!

    The ginger, turmeric, carrot, garlic, and coconut notes really shine through:

    Both to your palette and digestion! 

    2. 15-Minute Veggie Packed Fried Rice

    If you’re stressing over your anti-inflammatory food, won’t that cause even more inflammation?

    You want to get to a place where cooking for yourself feels so stinkin’ easy.

    Well, you’re in luck!

    This 15-minute veggie-packed fried rice is just what you need:

    A simple recipe that’s chocked full of vitamins and minerals and won’t send your body into inflammatory mode. 

    Plus, since more than half of the ingredients are veggies, it’s super cheap! 

    3. Roasted Salmon With Chimichurri 

    Chimi-what now?

    Chimichurri is an uncooked sauce (of Mexican origin) with finely chopped parsley, garlic, olive oil, oregano, and red wine vinegar.

    And boy, is it delicious!

    Especially when paired with sweet roasted salmon.

    The flavors just melt in your mouth!

    You could even pair it with cauliflower rice for an extra serving of veggies. 

    4. Balsamic Dijon Chicken With Figs

    Looking for the perfect blend of sweet and savory?

    You’re in the right place!

    Balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard already sound like a flavor match in heaven–

    But when mixed with figs?

    I might as well drop dead into delicious land. 

    To top it off, it only takes a mere 30 minutes to whip up.

    And the side possibilities are endless:

    Sauteed greens, steamed broccolini, mashed sweet potatoes–

    Say no more!

    5. Veggie-Loaded Blueberry Pie Smoothie Bowl

    A dessert surprise!

    This blueberry pie smoothie bowl is actually one of the healthiest smoothie recipes on the interwebs. 

    And once you check out the ingredient list, you’ll see why!

    There are more veggies than you would ever think to add to a smoothie.

    And the beets give it an extra deep purple color you just can’t resist.

    Top with fresh, organic berries and gluten-free granola for the full healthy effect!

    Turmeric Oven Scrambled Eggs from Lindsay of Cotter Crunch

    6. Turmeric Oven Scrambled Eggs

    Ordinary eggs are cool.

    But turmeric eggs are the coolest.

    Oven scrambled eggs are perfect for meal prep–

    It’s so easy to just chuck a huge batch in the oven and divide into portions!

    However, the turmeric is the real star of the show here:

    Not only does it boost scrambled eggs naturally-bright colors, but it also works wonders for amping up your anti-inflammatory needs.


    mix in some cilantro for more flavor!  

    7. Apple Cider Vinegar Energy Bites

    Anti-inflammatory food doesn’t need to be complicated.

    It’s all about adding as many powerfully healthy foods as possible to one recipe. 

    And these bites couldn’t have more amazing ingredients:

    Apple cider vinegar, cashews, coconut, lemon, honey, coconut oil, and turmeric.

    Just mix everything up in a food processor, roll in balls, store in the fridge, and enjoy! 

    8. Almond Milk Overnight Oats With Berries

    The best nutritious recipes are refreshing–

    Not bland!

    Say hello to overnight oats with berries. 

    It’s got loads of fiber thanks to the oats, berries, chia seeds, and ground flax, which can do wonders for your digestion. 

    Add in your favorite protein powder for extra energy!

    P.S. be sure to use certified gluten-free oats!

    9. Matcha Latte

    Who knew a homemade latte could turn out so creamy and delicious?

    Whipping up a matcha latte is surprisingly easy–

    Just milk, creamer, and matcha green tea powder. 

    For those on an anti-inflammatory diet, green tea has incredible antioxidant benefits that reduce inflammation and stress.

    Plus, it’s so insanely tasty! 

    10. Turmeric Anti Inflammatory Drink

    Ever hear of golden milk?

    This turmeric drink is exactly that:

    A warm milk tea flavored with turmeric spice. 

    And it’s just as healthy as it sounds, except this recipe takes it up a notch with ingredients like ginger, raw honey, and other spices. 

    Pure calm in a cup! 

    11. Best Green Juice

    It’s the little, consistent habits like sipping green juices that can make a big difference!

    But if you’re going to drink green juice for the long haul, you need it to taste amazing–

    And not like a yucky pile of soggy spinach.


    The best green juice ever–

    For real!

    The apples give it that sweetness you’ll enjoy sipping it every day. 

    12. Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

    If there are two anti-inflammatory ingredients you can rely on, 

    it’s ginger and turmeric!

    These two show-stoppers are at the heart of this stunning smoothie.

    And don’t worry!

    The pineapple and banana beautifully balance out the strong spices.

    You barely even notice them! 

    Green Juice by Lisa of Downshiftology

    Inflammation Doesn’t Have to Be Your Normal; Bring On the Healing! 

    Inflammation is no joke.

    The more it increases, the more your mental health may decline, too. 

    But now, you can rest easy, knowing exactly what foods to stick to and stay away from. Plus, our FREE printable grocery list makes this even easier!

    Keep fighting for your health!

    Eventually, you’ll find what works and feel better again.

    You got this!


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