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Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup: What Dishes Your Favorite Creators are Whipping Up This Year

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what does that mean?


Lots of food.

But between the stuffing recipes and Thanksgiving dishes, this holiday is a chance to take a moment of pause-- 

To appreciate all we have to be thankful for. 

This year, though things may look a little different at our Thanksgiving tables, there are two things that are sure to bring people together:

Moments of gratitude

and a delicious, festive meal!

We sat down with some of our favorite food creators to hear what moments of thanks are warming their hearts this year, and which recipes they can’t wait to get cooking in the kitchen.

Want in on the holiday scoop?

Read on!

Creators in the Kitchen: Warm Plates and Warm Hearts

Do you ever log on to your favorite social media platform just to drool at dreamy pictures of perfectly plated dishes?

Yeah, me too.

Especially during the holidays.

But these holiday dishes wouldn’t be possible without some talented foodie creators, and for that we’re so thankful! 

So what are our favorite recipe makers thankful for?

What makes Thanksgiving special to them?

And what are their Thanksgiving dinner ideas for this year?

Well, there’s only one way to find out!

Vegetable Wellington from Jasmine of Sweet Simple Vegan

1. Jasmine Briones, Sweet Simple Vegan

When Jasmine thinks of Thanksgiving, she sees it as an opportunity to not only savor time together, but also savor her extravagant cooking! 

Cooking is my love language and one of my favorite things to do is make food for my family and friends.

Thanksgiving is particularly special to me because everyone is together in one place, so I always try to step my game up and make an “over the top” dish just for the occasion—

my Vegetable Wellington. It’s hearty, filling, full of flavor, everyone always loves it!”

Fluffy Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes from Brandi of The Vegan 8

2. Brandi Doming, The Vegan 8

Brandi’s own way of passing the plate during the holidays is creating a dish so delicious, it finds its way to her loved ones’ table as a superstar side.

“One of my favorite recipes to serve at Thanksgiving are my Fluffy Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes!

They are completely dairy-free, yet a huge crowd-pleaser. They are so creamy and buttery without any dairy.

People are always blown away by how delicious this classic is and become a staple in their own families.”

Cranberry Clementine Sauce from Linda and Alex of Veganosity

3. Linda and Alex, Veganosity

For mother and daughter duo Linda and Alex, Thanksgiving is a day full of joyful traditions with a focus on giving back in a special way.

Thanksgiving has changed for us since we went vegan. Turkey is still the focus of our table, only now...every year we adopt a few turkeys from Farm Sanctuary and donate to local food shelters as a way of giving back to our community.

Our favorite thing about the holiday is that it's about family and food, not presents.

We start our day running our local turkey trot, then go home and make mimosas, crowd into the kitchen, and start cooking. After dinner we play games and laugh, a lot.

Additionally, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without two of our families' favorite recipes; Linda's cranberry sauce and Alex's apple, sage, and sausage stuffing. We could just make those two recipes and be perfectly happy.”

Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup from Ali of Wholesome Crumbs

4. Ali McAndrew, Wholesome Crumbs

When you think of Fall, crisp air, crunchy leaves and cool weather may instantly come to mind.

For Ali, Fall in Florida doesn’t quite fit the script.

But on Thanksgiving, everything comes together to help her get in touch with the season.

I love Thanksgiving because not only is it an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones, but in Florida, it’s a few hours where the ambiance and food helps it feel like we are really getting to experience the fall season!”

And what better way to delve into the flavors of Fall than with Ali’s delicious Vegan Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup? Talk about Fall in a cup!

Vanilla Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake from Nicole of Allergylicious

5. Nicole Dawson, Allergylicious

Ask Nicole what makes the Thanksgiving holiday special, and she’ll tell you it’s the little things and special moments together that mean the most.

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that it is solely dedicated to eating incredible food, being intentional about spending quality time with loved ones,

(no matter how big or small)

and reflecting on gratitude.

Two recipes that I share on my blog that we cannot live without would be my Vanilla Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake and our Homemade Stuffing.

It's my grandma's recipe that I veganized when my youngest was diagnosed with allergies and we went plant-based. 

Maple Glazed Trail Mix from Erika of The Bite Sized Celiac

6. Erika Kubik, The Bite Sized Celiac

To be thankful for the challenges we face is not something we do easily. But for Erika, one of her biggest challenges somehow became one of her biggest blessings.

Each November as the holidays draw near, many of us reflect on the things in life that truly matter –

our friends, family, and the pure and simple things that bring joy into our lives each and every day...

Personally, I have much to be thankful for…

However there is one thing that I rarely appreciate…

that, my friends, is celiac disease. Yes, you heard me right. I am thankful for having celiac disease.

And here’s why...

I never in a million years would have thought that people would turn to me with questions about eating and dietary issues…

Yet, I regularly get emails and DMs from friends, family, friends of friends, and strangers from other sides of the planet seeking insight or simply saying thank you.

Since then, I haven’t doubted myself. I’ve made it my mission to help those just like me come to terms with the card they’ve been dealt.

Because between you and me – it’s not so bad after all.”

And as for her holiday bite of choice?

“I usually make my paleo maple glazed trail mix for the holiday each year so I have something sweet to snack on.”

Maple Chilli Glazed Carrots from Nyssa of Nyssa's Kitchen

7. Nyssa Tanner, Nyssa’s Kitchen

We can all agree this year has been… different. But that isn’t stopping Nyssa from taking in all the good things that came her way. In fact, she finds it more important than before.

“In our house, Thanksgiving is all about savoring the present moment with the people and foods we love and simultaneously giving thanks for everything good that has happened throughout the year so far.

It's an opportunity to slow down and take stock of our blessings, big and small.

Those blessings may be different this year than years past, but I think it's more important than ever to name them and give thanks for all we do have during these challenging times.

Even if that gratitude falls simply within the context of the day at hand - enjoying some nourishing food, & slowing down the pace of life for reflection and relaxation.

While I love some delicious turkey as much as the next person, for me, Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes.

I adore this recipe for Maple Chili Glazed Carrots! They're bright and gratifying, and finished with a generous sprinkle of pomegranate seeds for a fresh pop of flavor.

Family, Friends, Food an Gratitude

Food has a special way of bringing people together and wrapping any gathering up in joy. 

This season, no matter where you or your loved ones may be, grab some food- 

perhaps one of these delicious recipes-

And connect in the best way you can- with a full plate and even fuller, grateful heart.

From our Pop Zero Popcorn to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking for some more Thanksgiving recipes for your holiday menu? Check out our Gluten-Free Guide to Thanksgiving Sides and our Vegan Thanksgiving Holiday Menu.


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