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5 Easy Vegan BBQ Recipes for Everyone With a Pulse

Vegan BBQ? Yes, please! Contrary to popular meat-loving beliefs, you can still enjoy a fabulous BBQ recipe without the animal ingredients.

And as these recipes speak for themselves, you can totally serve them up to your beloved beef friends and watch their eyes sparkle with every bite– completely crowd-friendly.  

vegan barbecue sauce

But First, the Sauce

While you don’t need meat to make a smashing BBQ meal, you do need a great sauce to spice up the dish to next-level vegan status. 

So before we get into the juice, here are the top BBQ sauce recipes to switch and swap into BBQ foods:

  1. Homemade Vegan BBQ Sauce
  2. Vegan BBQ Sauce (Sweet & Smokey)
  3. Easy Homemade Vegan Barbecue Sauce

Vegan BBQ Recipes

Now to the meat! (Not literally of course.) 

Here’s a quick preview of the list:

  1. Vegan Ribs - Classic BBQ Short Ribs
  2. Baked Barbecue Tofu (Tofu for Tofu-Haters!)
  3. Smoky BBQ Tempeh Pizza with Red Onions, Bell Peppers, and Parsley
  4. BBQ Cauliflower Wings
  5. Vegan Barbecue Meatballs

Gluten-free: 2, 3 

vegan barbeque ribs

1. Vegan Ribs - Classic BBQ Short Ribs

You can’t talk BBQ without talking about ribs. And boy does this recipe do it justice without any actual ribs. A little chopping here, a little mixing there, and boom– dripping sweet, smoky ribs in no time for the whole family. Serve with a side of vegan ranch dressing topped with fresh cilantro, and you have a feast. 

baked barbecue tofu 

2. Baked Barbecue Tofu (Tofu for Tofu-Haters!)

You’ll always have someone in the crowd with a strong distaste for tofu, but this 3-ingredient recipe will knock out the whole park, tofu-haters and all. Just grab some extra-firm tofu, BBQ sauce, and cooking spray, then watch the baked BBQ magic.

smoky bbq tempeh pizza vegan

3. Smoky BBQ Tempeh Pizza

Oh hey there, pizza. You’re here, too? That’s right. BBQ pizza may usually make last place on the BBQ extraordinaire list, but it’s making a 2020 name for itself. Bring it to your next BBQ gathering or whip it up at home. Either way, this tasty tempeh pizza will not disappoint.

barbeque cauliflower wings

4. BBQ Cauliflower Wings

Whether it’s for game day, an appetizer, or a last-minute dinner idea, wings are a great go-to for any sticky BBQ situation. To top it off, cauliflower is loaded with prime nutrients like Vitamin C and fiber, and you can easily make this recipe gluten-free with gluten-free bread crumbs!

vegan barbeque meatballs

5. Vegan Barbecue Meatballs

Meatballs are such a fun, easy dinner, so why not take them to the next healthy level with a vegan makeover? These barbecue meatballs might just leave you begging for more with rich spices and flawless texture. Pinto beans and rolled oats substitute in for typical meat, while liquid smoke gives it the extra kick.


The above dishes prove vegan BBQ is far from contradictory. In fact, it can be incredibly delicious with the right sauce and recipe.

Make any of the above dishes, share them, eat them, and enjoy knowing your taste buds are satisfied and your body is nourished.

Vegan BBQ for the win!

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