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The Complete Guide for Vegan Wraps: How To Prepare Them and 25 Recipes to Try Today

Whether it’s a quick snack, a meal, or a full-fledged feast, one thing is for sure—

Vegan wraps are undeniably delicious. 

If you think about it... 

wraps are kind of genius.

Combine all of your favorite core ingredients, add a one-of-a-kind sauce, and wrap it all together to create the ultimately satisfying, crave-busting, taste-bud loving meal?

It sounds too good to be true.

Lucky for us—

 It isn’t. 

If you want to learn how to create vegan wraps that are to die for, then stick around. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • You Questions Answered: Why Wraps are the Best
  • The Elements You Need to Create the Perfect Wrap
  • 25 Satisfying Wrap Recipes to Try Today

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

vegan wraps

Your Questions Answered: Why Wraps are the Best

Okay, I may be a little biased… 


vegan wraps are simply the best invention around. 

If you don’t believe me, it’s just because you haven’t had the perfect wrap yet. 

There are dozens of wrap variations around the world. The reason they are so prevalent in different cultures?  Too many to count! 

Here are a few different types of wraps from around the world:

And many more!

While many of those wraps are not traditionally vegan, in this day and age we can combine past traditions with our favorite vegan ingredients and create a dish that is truly magic. 

But why are wraps so popular?

Here’s my theory:


Think about it:

  • Wraps are the perfect dinner for just one person, or for large gatherings 
  • They can be super healthy, or completely indulgent. You get to decide. 
  • You can have a wrap on the go, or as a comfort meal at home. 
  • There is a wrap recipe for the pickiest of eaters or elite gourmet chefs. 

Now that you know why wraps are the best, let’s talk about how to make them. 

vegan wraps sauces and condiments

The 3 Elements You Need to Create the Perfect Wrap

The science behind creating a vegan wrap is not complicated at all! Here are the three main elements that I suggest:

1. Core Ingredients

Your core ingredients are going to be what goes inside the wrap. This could be as little as one ingredient, to a whole variety! We’ll be showing you several recipes below to help you get your flavor palette just right. 

2. Sauces, Spreads, or Condiments

The world is your oyster when it comes to this element. Sauces are the cherry on top when it comes to a wrap. 

Many recipes require you to create your own sauce, but here are a few of my favorite sauces, spreads, or condiments to have on hand as a speedy substitute or additive:

Remember, this element can really make or break a recipe! If you’re creating this dish for a guest, make sure to adjust the seasoning a few different times to find the perfect combination. 

3. The Wrap

Obviously the most important ingredient is the actual wrap! 


This ingredient isn’t cut and dry. There are a ton of new wraps out there on the market to help you further spice up your dish!

There are options for raw vegans, vegans that are gluten-free, or vegans looking to boost their protein intake! 

Here are my personal favorites:

You can also get creative in the kitchen and use lettuce or kale as your wrap. This is a great option that is low-carb, gluten-free, and nutrient-rich! 

How to Fold a Wrap

Okay, now for the question you are too nervous to ask about. 

“How do I actually fold a wrap?”

Trust me—

It takes practice, but once you get the hang of it it’s like riding a bike! 

The trick is to not overstuff your wrap with ingredients. And, when in doubt you can always double up your wrap with parchment paper or aluminum foil as well.

No mess, no stress!

Here is a how-to video that quickly shows you how to wrap a tortilla in two different ways. 

vegan wraps recipes

25 Satisfying Wrap Recipes to Try Today

Below, you are going to find a wrap recipe for any occasion, I mean it. 

Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or just a snack, vegan wraps are going to change your life forever. 

You Can’t Beat Breakfast Wraps

These breakfast wraps can all be prepped ahead of time and are a great way to start a busy workday!

  1. This vegan breakfast burrito recipe by Ela Vegan is packed with potatoes and powerful spices like paprika and cumin. 
  2. Build Your Bite has a vegan breakfast burrito recipe filled with crispy breakfast hash and tofu. Yum!
  3. This breakfast burrito recipe by Fasting Vegan includes ingredients like Daiya Mozzarella for that cheesy component.
  4. This recipe by Healthier Steps brings it back to the basics for a simple and nutritious breakfast. 
  5. Bell peppers, mushrooms, and hot sauce… oh my! You can’t miss this recipe by Healthy Happy Life. 
  6. This breakfast wrap recipe by The Banana Diaries is all about the protein. 

Simple Snack Wraps

Are you just looking for a quick bite to hold you over until lunch or dinner? Looking for an after school snack

Look no further than these simple snack wrap recipes!

7. Tales of a Kitchen does not disappoint with this unique beetroot and celery snack wrap recipe. 

8. Create Mindfully has the perfect simple recipe for a Thai veggie wrap, their peanut sauce is to die for.

9. These hummus wraps by Emilie Eats are sure to get you over that afternoon slump. 

10. It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken does it again with their delicious tofu caesar wrap recipe!

Fresh Lunch Wraps

Whether you’re working from the office or you’re enjoying a nice sit-down lunch on Sunday afternoon, these fresh lunch wraps are the perfect mid-afternoon meal. 

       11-13. Get Set Vegan walks you through three delicious vegan wrap recipes in this video! Included in this video is a fresh carrot and celery wrap, a satisfying wrap with beans and corn, and BBQ Chickpea wrap. 

14. This recipe by Food with Feeling is packed with nutritious ingredients like cabbage, zucchini, hummus, and more. 

15. Ingenious Cooking lives up to their name with these grain-free beet wraps with grilled veggies and tahini dressing recipe! (Low-carb and absolutely scrumptious.)

Dinner-Worthy Wraps

These dinner-worthy wraps have it all. Dinner is a time to put your show-stopping recipes to the test, so I’ve only included tried and true recipes that are sure to impress. 

16. These crispy bbq tofu wraps by Spec of Gold are the perfect dinner for end-of-summer activities. 

17. Spicy and it has tahini dressing? Sign me up. This recipe by Simple Veganista will blow your mind. 

18. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about quinoa. This Mexican quinoa wrap recipe by Contentedness Cooking is easy and satisfying. 

19. You can’t help but love this baked Southwest tofu wrap by Stacey Homemaker.

20. Packed with protein, these Mediterranean lentil veggie wraps by Up Beet Kitchen are a powerhouse. 

21. Sticking with the Mediterranean theme, give this crispy falafel hummus wrap a try by Vibrant Plate. 

22. I guarantee your friends haven’t tried this scrumptious vegan eggplant recipe by Delish Knowledge. 

vegan wraps chocolate peanut butter dessert wrap

Dare You to Try It: Dessert Wraps

Don’t get me wrong, the dessert classics are still great. But these unique wrap desserts will elevate your entire evening! 

23. This chocolate peanut butter banana wrap by Monkey and Me Kitchen pictured above is a recipe that the kids are sure to devour. 

24. You’ll be mad that you didn’t try this recipe sooner — waste no time making these vegan stewed apple pear coconut wraps by Food By Maria. 

25. This recipe by Avocado Pesto for apple granola peanut butter wraps is decadent enough to be dessert, but I promise not to tell if you sneak it into breakfast! 

vegan wraps

That’s a (Vegan) Wrap!

Now you know everything there is to know about vegan wraps. 

A bit about their history, how to actually fold them, why they’re worth mastering, and 25 recipes to try as soon as today!

Enjoy these vegan recipes? Be sure to read "Low-Carb Vegan Meals: What You Need to Know NOW! (Breaking down Macronutrients and Recipes)" for even more tasty ideas!


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