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Vegan Holiday Gift Guide: Tips and Tricks to Shop Cruelty and Stress-Free, Plus 40 Gift Ideas for EVERYONE in Your Life!

The holidays are right around the corner. 

You know what that means—

Heartwarming music, cozy sweaters, yummy food... 

And presents! 

However, it can be tricky to find the best gifts for our fellow vegan family and friends that also align with our cruelty-free lifestyle. 

If you have spent hours scratching your head and wondering what to buy for the holiday season— 

Then this is the gift guide for you. 

This article will go over  everything you need to know about shopping for holiday gifts that are not only vegan-friendly…

but also so good your non-vegan friends, who will love them too. 

Here’s what we’ll be covering: 

  • Tips and Tricks to Shop Cruelty-Free This Year
  • Fun Ideas For a Stress-Free Shopping Experience
  • 40 Vegan Gift Ideas For Every Person in Your Life 

Are you ready to get shopping?

Then keep reading!

Tips and Tricks For Cruelty-Free (Stress-Free) Shopping

Whether you are shopping online or in-person—

It can be hard to find gifts that are 100% vegan.

Here are the best tips and tricks to help you spot vegan gifts that are one of a kind and will show the recipient that you care.

Check the Ingredients

Of course, the number one way to ensure that an item is vegan is to make sure that there are no animal-derived ingredients.

Here are a few common animal ingredients found in gift items to avoid:

  • Any food containing meat, eggs, dairy, or gelatin
  • Clothing items that use materials such as wool, silk, leather, or feathers
  • Beauty and skincare items that use animal-derived ingredients, or that are tested on animals

If you scan the item’s materials or ingredient list and it is free from any of these items--

it is most likely vegan! 

Just in case you have any doubts, you can always do a quick Google search to verify. 

To save a bit of time, if you notice any of these four logos appear on the product, it is certified vegan: 

Shop 100% Vegan Stores: 

One way to ensure that all of your gifts are vegan Is to shop from a store that only sells vegan items.

Okay, this is obvious—

But hear us out.

There are vegan marketplaces out there that sell a plethora of items for you to choose from.

Completing a bulk of your shopping in one place is an easy way to support small vegan businesses, and guarantee that your items are cruelty-free. 

Here are a few vegan marketplaces and stores to consider: 

  • The Vegan Warehouse: This online Marketplace has hundreds of vegan products for you to choose from.
  • Vegancuts: This online marketplace offers products that range from food to beauty and lifestyle. They also have vegan subscription boxes if you are looking for a variety of items. 
  • Billion Vegans: This up and coming vegan marketplace has it all— from shoes to food items, to toys for pets. 

Fun Ideas For a Stress-Free Shopping Experience

These ideas will help you stay organized through the shopping season. 

A bit of pre-planning can completely transform your holiday shopping experience. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or rushed--

you’ll feel excited and empowered to find the perfect gift for the people you love! 

Make a List (And Check it Twice!)

One way to smooth out your holiday shopping experience is to try one of the oldest tricks in the book—

Making a list!

Before you even think about strolling through store aisles or opening your browser, get out a pen and paper. 

Write down the names of everyone you want to get a gift for. 

We mean everyone. 

Include your dog-walker, boss, distant relative... 

anyone you intend to keep in mind this holiday season! 

Once you have written your list (and checked it twice), begin brainstorming gift ideas for each person.

Even if you do not have a specific gift in mind— 

This will get your wheels turning about possible gift options.

A common mistake people make when holiday shopping is thinking that inspiration will strike them at the perfect moment!

While this sounds good in theory and is extremely tempting— 

More often than not it leads to frazzled and stressful last-minute shopping sprees. 

Giving yourself the time to think about your shopping before you even start will help you with the following: 

  • Make more conscious choices
  • Eliminate stress and start getting excited about the holiday season
  • Stick to your budget 

… Speaking of budgets!

Create a Holiday Shopping Budget 

Take some time to calculate your total holiday shopping budget. 

Include things like food, transportation if you are traveling, and gifts! 

After that— 

Take a look at your list and calculate a price range that you want to spend for each person. 

Keeping a price range instead of an exact amount will help you stay within your overall budget! 

Shop from Small Businesses

2020 has been a tough year for small businesses. 

One way you can support your local community and independent artisans is by completing all of your holiday shopping from small businesses! 

Planning on shopping online? 

No problem! 

The vast majority of small businesses have an online presence that you can shop from now.  

Here are some ways that shopping small can make a big impact: 

  • Your gifts will be one of a kind
  • You can form a real bond with the maker of your gift
  • You will help support more jobs as small businesses grow
  • You play a role in revitalizing local economies

We’ll be highlighting some small businesses and artisans in our gift idea section—

So keep an eye out! 

40 Vegan Gift Ideas For Every Person in Your Life

What is the purpose of giving a gift? 

Showing the people in our lives how much they mean to us. 

When you keep this in mind—

Gift buying can turn into a special tradition and a time for you to reflect on the amazing relationships in your life! 

With so many options out there, it can be tough to find the perfect gift for someone. 

This list makes it easy!

In this gift guide, you will find the perfect gift for both the vegans and non-vegans in your life, no matter what their interests are. 

Stocking Stuffers (Under $10):

Are you looking for a few fun items to sneak into everyone’s stocking the night before Christmas? 

These vegan options are perfect for the whole family! 

  1. This adorable gingerbread man soap from Leaf and Bubble. 
  2. Festive berry hand soap from The Body Shop is a great way to keep moisturized in the harsh winters. 
  3. Who doesn’t love a cookie? These gluten-free cookies from Insomnia Cookies hit the spot. 
  4. Creating custom socks can be a funny bonding experiencing for the whole family. 

Gift Ideas for Him: 

If you think guys are tricky to shop for—

You’re not alone. 

These unique gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother, friend— any man in your life! 

  1. This luxurious vegan beard kit from Bulldog Skincare has everything you need! ($25)
  2. Vegan Louisville jerky comes in tons of different flavors to try. ($9.95 per pouch)
  3. A watch from the sustainable brand Nordgreen- it’s made with a vegan leather band and makes for a gift that is stylish and practical. (Price range $194-284)
  4. Speaking of vegan leather, a faux leather wallet is a gift they will be able to use for years to come. ($65)
  5. Slippers or moccasins make a super comfy gift. These slippers from Pottery Barn are a luxurious vegan option. ($29)

Gifts Ideas for Her: 

These vegan-friendly gifts are sure to put a smile on any woman in your life’s face. 

  1. The Herbivore Calm Experience Gift is excellent for anyone that has had a stressful year, or just wants to unwind. ($97)
  2. Think socks are a lame gift? Think again! Once someone tries these Bombas, they’ll never go back. (Prices start at $12)
  3. Matcha tea is all the rage in the health community right now, and for good reason. This matcha tea set from Keii Matcha Co is an elegant gift. ($65)
  4. Bath bombs are always a nice gift for co-workers or close friends! These inexpensive, organic, cruelty free bath bombs from Bath Bomb Factory are available in a variety of scents and packs. ($5)
  5. Could this Doodles Gratitude Journal be any more precious? This gift is perfect for a mom with young kids who wants to create a special gratitude ritual. 
  6. Looking to splurge on your bestie or sister? Look no further than this chic silver and light grey vegan watch from Votch. ($160+)
  7. A personalized tea infuser is a sweet gift that is still budget friendly. (Prices start at $18)
  8. If you’re trying to find a gift that is also practical, these vegan food wraps will help out anyone in the kitchen. ($12)
  9. For the yogi’s in your life, (or yoga-aspiring!) pick up an adorable yoga mat bag. ($16)
  10. A nice traditional holiday gift would be to order this fun gingerbread cookie decorating kit! (Vegan and gluten-free cookies? Yum!) 

Gift Ideas For the Foodie in Your Life: 

These vegan gift ideas will transform your foodie-friend’s life! 

  1. For a friend that can handle the spice, look no further than this vegan and gluten-free hot sauce gift box. ($31)
  2. Need to bring a gift to a holiday party or snag one for a coworker? Everyone loves a chocolate assortment. These assortments from No Whey are both vegan and decadent. ($13.95+)
  3. For your vegan foodie friend that’s tried it all, get them the gift that keeps on giving, a snack box subscription from Vegancuts. ($24.95)
  4. Foodies always love trying new recipes, and Purple Carrot is an easy, plant-based way to do it! Order a meal to be delivered to your friend or family’s house. (As low as $9.99 per serving)
  5. For your vegan friend, a sleek tofu press is going to transform their cooking game. This press made from bamboo will be a stunner in the kitchen. ($32)
  6. Who can say no to a vegan, gluten-free holiday cookie? This assortment from Dana’s Bakery is to die for! ($49.75)
  7. Order this spice set from around the world for your chef-friend so they can spice it up in the kitchen (pun intended). ($57.95)
  8. The Wicked Healthy Cookbook is a thoughtful gift for any vegan that is in a rut in the kitchen looking for a stroke of inspiration. ($37.75)

Gift Ideas For the Beauty and Fashion Guru: 

With thousands of vegan friendly fashion and beauty items out on the market, it’s never been easier to shop for your fashion-forward friends and family. 

  1. Pacifica Beauty is a trusted vegan brand with affordable (and adorable) gift sets. ($10+)
  2. Have a friend that loves to sample new items? Get them a subscription to the cruelty-free beauty box, Petit Vour. ($15)
  3. Another beauty box you can gift that has more full-sized items is the Kinder Beauty subscription. This brand was launched by the one and only Evanna Lynch! ($25 month)
  4. Mary Louise cosmetics is a black-owned business that has unbeatable beauty bundles. ($45+)
  5. In search of an elegant beauty bundle for the make-up addict that has it all? Check out the Moroccan Holiday Collection from vegan beauty brand Inika Organic. ($35+)
  6. For a statement piece you friend will love for years, look no further than these handcrafted vegan leather bags from Red Maus. ($79+)
  7. Fuzzy slippers are on trend right now! Everyone wants a pair. Gifting these quilted slippers made from recycled faux fur from Madewell is an inexpensive gift people will cherish. ($29.50)
  8. For a less expensive leather bag that is absolutely adorable, you need to gift this Little Bee Vintage Faux-Leather Backpack. ($45.99)

Gift Ideas For the Plant Mom

Plant moms are the new cat moms! 

Indoor plant sales actually increased by 50% in 2018, and it’s 100% understandable. 

Indoor plants can be the following: 

But plants aren’t just beloved by women, there are quite a few “plant dads” out there that love caring for their indoor garden. 

If you have anyone in your life that wants to pick up a new hobby, or is already an existing plant-fanatic, then these gifts will be fool-proof. 

  1. This herb kit is ideal for adults that are beginner-gardeners. ($23.99)
  2. The Growing Candle is a gift that transforms. First, you burn down the candle, then you can use it as a stylish planter! Seeds are included. Low-waste, fashionable, and vegan. ($30)
  3. For a sentimental touch, this flower grow kit from Uncommon Goods chooses flowers for each birth month. It’s an easy way to personalize your gift. ($34)
  4. Custom copper planters are a great gift for the experienced gardener. ($12+)
  5. Did you know you can buy live plants from online stores? A new flower or plant is a vegan-friendly gift that feels personal. (Prices vary.)

Vegan Gift Giving: Thoughtful, Cruelty-Free Presents

Now you’re officially a pro on hunting down thoughtful presents for your loved ones that 100% align with your vegan values. 

A gift is one way to show someone how much you care about them. 

By shopping from small business and vegan stores and planning ahead-- 

you and your family are going to have the best holiday season yet. 

Interested in learning more great vegan brands and products? Check out this vegan clothing  article

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